Things Lost and Things Gained

Have you ever heard someone say that having Parkinson’s can be blamed for much and many a thing? I have. And why not blame our woes on this disease? It’s taken much and many a thing from us. Things we, at one time in our lives, had full control over. Things about which we had some say. 

Parkinson’s disease (and other various diseases some people don’t know ‘what to do with’) can be blamed for from the loss of things physical, to the loss of things emotional. For troubles encountered in the financial realm, to the loss of things we must struggle with in the mental. It can be responsible for the loss of relationships, to the loss of joy and happiness we once cherished and held dear.

Things lost.

Broken marriages.


Pain and fears without names.

Can this disease also be blamed for the loneliness you feel, standing deep within a crowd? Are we able to blame tears we cannot control or screaming we cannot contain on something we cannot see – this thing we call a ‘disease’? I say – yes.

In its clutches we can feel as if we are being tossed about within and then turned from the  inside to out.

It often seems as if all we do is done the wrong way. The masked look on our face is constantly being misunderstood. There are things we can’t say and there are things we cannot do. We would if we could but no more are they ours to accomplish on our own. 

Our legs won’t get us where we want or need to go – fast or safe enough. Our fingers will not move our pen across pages we yearn to fill.

Can we really blame Parkinson’s for all that garbage and pain? I’d like to believe that’s a choice we do have, to blame it all on a disease that steals and destroys, leaving us powerless and literally, without much of a voice of our own.

I don’t know why a select group – a band of brave warriors and/or a flock of faithful friends – have been chosen to ‘endure for a cure’. I do know that it is only by sticking together that we will make it through.

In the gamut of things gained, we step back and wonder, what is it that we have reaped through pain and suffering, if anything?

Things gained

‘Pay it forward’ was a common phrase a while back, the idea being if someone did something kind for you, you would hopefully pay the kindness forward to someone else. Think about that in the realm of Parkinson’s disease and things gained. 

In no way do I mean pay pain and suffering toward someone else! Instead, pay forward what we have learned from this disease. The encouragement, the wisdom, and the knowledge that we can offer to others. Those who are not as far along as we.

It is a kindness we all can share and share in, in spite of what we have lost. 

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