Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved One with Parkinson’s


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Christmas is just around the corner. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are even sooner. For your convenience, I have made a list — and checked it twice — of perfect gift ideas for your favorite person with Parkinson’s disease (PD). 

  • A reacher/grabber bar: Many disabilities limit mobility, so bending over to pick something up can be especially challenging. An aluminum reacher/grabber bar promotes independence in your loved one as they won’t need to ask for help to retrieve dropped items.
  • A terry cloth bathrobe: Any bathrobe would be nice, but I specify terry cloth because it is like a bath towel. The robe can be worn immediately after a shower, and by the time they brush their teeth and brush or dry their hair, they are ready to get dressed. It’s also nice to have a warm robe to wear on cold evenings.
  • An herbal neck wrap: This type of wrap works wonders on stiff necks. It is super simple to make if you like crafts.
  • A Nook or Kindle reader: Fine motor skills, such as page-turning, are challenging for those with Parkinson’s. A touch screen for reading may help. Why not add a gift certificate to cover their first book purchase?
  • A manicure: Personal care tasks such as blow-drying hair and taking care of nails become more difficult as the disease progresses. Why not give your loved one a voucher for a professional manicure? A basic treatment is not too pricey and often includes a hand massage.
  • A smart cane: If you seek peace of mind, the Dring Smart Cane alerts caregivers of falls.

Following are more practical gift ideas:

  • Chapstick (a good stocking filler)
  • slipper socks with treads to prevent slips and falls
  • hand warmer
  • stress balls or hand exercisers
  • gloves, winter hat, and neck scarf
  • electric mattress pad, blanket, or throw
  • heating pad
  • at-home foot spa
  • gel sole shoe inserts
  • neck pillow
  • night lights
  • purifying salt lamp
  • essential oil diffuser
  • humidifier
  • postage stamps and notecards
  • movie voucher
  • ice cream or lunch gift certificates
  • gift certificates for dance, voice, or other PD-specific “exercise” classes
  • a Rock Steady Boxing membership
  • lap tray or desk
  • wheelchair tray or pocket bag
  • weighted eating utensils
  • puzzle books or brain teaser puzzles
  • colored pencils and adult coloring books
  • Roomba robot vacuum

These are just some of my ideas for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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